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LIBR investigator receives K99/R00 grant from NIMH

Kym Young Ph.D. receives a five year K99/R00 ( pathway to independence) grant from the National Institute of Mental Health to investigate a new neurobehavioral treatment for major depressive disorder.


Two LIBR researchers got a Trainee Travel Award

LIBR researchers Maurizio Bergamino Ph.D. and Han Yuan Ph.D. were awarded a Trainee Travel Awards to The ISMRM meeting in Milan, Italy.


NEW paper by LIBR investigators

Paper titled "Trait impulsivity is related to ventral ACC and amygdala activity during primary reward anticipation" by Kara Kerr et. al has been published in SCAN Journal. Congrats, Kara Kerr!


LIBR Investigator in Tulsa World

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