Laureate Institute for Brain Research


Paper published by Dr. Cha and colleagues

Jul 11, 2014 in Papers
Congratulations to Dr. Yoon-Hee Cha and collaborators at LIBR and The University of Oklahoma on their new publication currently featured in IEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering.   + full story

LIBR welcomes new President and Scientific Director

May 29, 2014 in Events
We are pleased to announce a new era of leadership under the direction of Dr. Martin Paulus, President and Scientific Director of the Laureate Institute for Brain Research.  + full story

New York Times features football concussion study findings

May 21, 2014 in Press Release
The New York Times has written an article featuring the results of the recent LIBR/TU football concussion study published in JAMA last week.   + full story

JAMA article published by LIBR investigators

May 15, 2014 in Papers
LIBR investigators and colleagues at Tulsa University have published their football concussion study "Relationship of Collegiate Football Experience and Concussion With Hippocampal Volume and Cognitive Outcomes" in the Journal of the American Medical Association.  + full story

LIBR investigator receives K99/R00 grant from NIMH

Mar 31, 2014 in Grants
Kym Young Ph.D. receives a five – year K99/R00 ( pathway to independence) grant from the National Institute of Mental Health to investigate a new neurobehavioral treatment for major depressive disorder.  + full story

Two LIBR researchers receive Trainee Travel Awards

Mar 5, 2014 in Grants
LIBR researchers Maurizio Bergamino Ph.D. and Han Yuan Ph.D. were awarded a Trainee Travel Award to the ISMRM meeting in Milan, Italy.  + full story

NEW paper by LIBR investigators

Mar 4, 2014 in Papers
Paper titled "Trait impulsivity is related to ventral ACC and amygdala activity during primary reward anticipation" by Kara Kerr et. al has been published in SCAN Journal. Congrats, Kara Kerr!  + full story

LIBR Investigator in Tulsa World

Feb 5, 2014 in Events
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NEW paper by LIBR Investigators

Sep 30, 2013 in Papers
Paper titled: "Category-specific integration of homeostatic signals in caudal but not rostral human insula." by Kyle Simmons et al. has been published in the Journal Nature Neuroscience.  + full story

Michael Brose visits LIBR researchers

Aug 12, 2013 in Events
Michael Brose, Executive Director of Mental Health Association in Tulsa volunteered to have his brain scanned at LIBR.   + full story

Movie Night: "Head Games"

Apr 16, 2013 in Events
Event sponsored by LIBR, Tulsa Hurricane, and OU-Tulsa will start at 6 PM on June 6th, 2013 in the Gussman Auditorium Lorton Performance Center at the University of Tulsa. Please join the group for discussion about concussion crisis in American sports.   + full story

Paper by OU/LIBR Graduate Student accepted for publication

Jan 24, 2013 in Papers
Paper by Maryam Falahpour - OU/LIBR Graduate Student has been accepted for publication in Neuroimage.  + full story

AFOSR awards grant to LIBR investigator

Nov 21, 2012 in Grants
LIBR investigator and Director of Cognitive Neuroscience, Patrick Bellgowan Ph.D., receives a four year grant from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. The purpose of awarded study is to investigate the neurobiological substrates of trust behaviors, particularly as they relate to cyberspace.  + full story

LIBR Investigator receives research grant from the Department of Defense

Sep 27, 2012 in Grants
LIBR Investigator and Director of fMRI Facility, Jerzy Bodurka Ph.D., receives a three year research grant to investigate a new idea that individuals suffering from combat-related PTSD can be trained to control activity in brain regions that are involved in emotion.  + full story

LIBR receives another K01 grant from NIMH

Sep 13, 2012 in Grants
LIBR Investigator Jonathan Savitz Ph.D., receives a five - year career development award (K01 grant) to identify the biological pathway through which inflammation affects brain structure and function in Major Depressive Disorder.  + full story

LIBR Investigators receive R01 NIH grant

Sep 5, 2012 in Grants
LIBR Investigators receive a four–year R01 grant from the National Institute of Mental Health to study interrelationships between inflammatory transcripts, genes and positive valence system function in anhedonia.  + full story

LIBR Investigator receives the Young Investigator Award 2012

Aug 10, 2012 in Grants
LIBR Investigator Ruben P. Alvarez, Ed.D. receives the Young Investigator Award from the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation (formerly NARSAD) to study emotional processing and pain responsivity.   + full story

A protocol for a proof-of-concept clinical trial by LIBR investigators

Feb 29, 2012 in Papers
Minocycline and aspirin in the treatment of bipolar depression: a protocol for a proof-of-concept, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, 2x2 clinical trial has been published in British Medical Journal.  + full story

LIBR Investigator receives K01 NIH grant

Feb 16, 2012 in Grants
LIBR Investigator Kyle Simmons Ph.D. receives a five-year K01 grant to study the neural systems underlying Major Depressive Disorder.   + full story