Participants Connection

Get involved in research


All research participation is voluntary, and you can withdraw from participation at any time. Information about the research study that you will need in order to make the decision to participate will be explained. You will then be asked to review and then sign a written consent form that summarizes the study’s purpose, procedures, benefits, risks, alternatives, and your rights as a research participant. Research with children, requires a parent or guardian’s permission and the child must be willing to take part in and "assent" to the research involvement. You will have the opportunity to discuss the study with the researchers and have any questions answered before making your decision.

The research team determines if you are eligible for a study. Only those who can safely participate and who can help the research achieve its goals are included. For this reason, it is important that you provide the researcher with complete information regarding your medical and psychiatric history.

Our research studies may provide compensation for your time and effort related to research participation. The consent form describes this in the compensation section. Research often involves collecting private or personal information. Under the confidentiality section, a consent form describes the steps the researcher and our Institute will to take to protect your privacy.