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Patrick Bellgowan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Dr. Bellgowan’s research program uses a Multimodal Imaging approach to investigate neuropsychiatric disorders affecting learning and memory systems. The primary focus of his program is to develop neurobiological markers for early detection of disorders affecting memory such as late-life depression and post-concussion syndrome. Another branch of his program will be developed to understand the neurobiological mechanisms of recovery from brain injury and targeted treatments for late-life depression.

Research Interest:
Learning and Memory
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Mood Disorders affecting Memory

Lab Members List:
Timothy, Meier, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
Ikuko,Mukai, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
Rashmi Singh, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
Rayus Kuplicki, Grad Student, Dept of CS, U of Tulsa
Lev Morgan, Graduate Research Assistant, Dept of CS, U of Tulsa

Former Lab Members:

Stephen Tyree, Grad Student, Washington U, LIBR Volunteer
Mamta Kalrla, PhD, Huston, TX

Research Collaborators:
In Oklahoma:

MR Methods:

John Hale, PhD, Professor, Dept of Computer Science, U of Tulsa
William Coberly, PhD Professor, Dept of Mathematics and CS, U of Tulsa

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury:
Kent Teague, PhD, Assoc Prof, Dept Surgery, OU College of Medicine, Tulsa
LaMont Cavanagh, MD, Clinical Prof, Dept Sports Med, OU College of Medicine, Tulsa
Thomas Allen, DO, Clinical Prof, Dept Sports Med, OU College of Medicine, Tulsa
John Cattaneo, MD, Assoc Prof, Dept of Neurology, OU College of Medicine, Tulsa
Michael Basso, PhD, Assoc. Professor, Dept of Psychology, U of Tulsa
Kelly Standifer, PhD, Professor, Dept of Pharm. Sci, OUHSC, OKC

Mild Cognitive Impairment:
George Dale, PhD, Professor, Dept Internal Med, OUHSC
Calin Prodan, PhD, Assoc. Professor, Dept of Neurology, OUHSC

Outside Oklahoma:
Alex Martin, PhD Section Chief, Lab. of Brain and Cog., NIH Bethesda, MD
Frank Krueger, PhD Assistant Professor, George Mason Univ, Fairfax, VA
JiongJiong Yang, PhD Assoc. Professor, Dept of Psych, Peking University, China
Robert W Cox, PhD Director, SSC Core, NIH Bethesda, MD
Ziad Saad, PhD Staff Scientist, SSC Core, NIH Bethesda, MD